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  • Monitor category KPIs: GMV, growth, private label market share, etc
  • Benchmark portfolio, identify top/bottom performers
  • Find strategic investment in emerging categories

M & A

  • Find the future category leaders
  • Connect with decision-makers
  • Manage millions of prospect information
  • Quickly evaluate sellers


  • What’re the fastest-growing sellers/brands?
  • What’re the fastest/slowest growing niches?
  • What’re the emerging niches/products?
  • What’s the benchmark of my niche?

Identify the latest eCommerce trends

Use data to stay on top of industry trends before your competitors and be better positioned to adjust your strategies accordingly. Get a significant edge over rivals and achieve greater profits and expansion.

Find the right investment

Use Flapen comprehensive coverage of eCommerce sellers & products to see which merchants, categories or products are growing the fastest

Research Products to Launch

Flapen' custom searches help you find products in your category that match your ideal criteria, whether that be growing niche, frequently out of stock, or Private label

Connect with eCommerce merchants at scale

Timing is everything when it comes to eCommerce opportunities. Close more deals by tracking growing eCommerce sellers in the market so you can reach out to prospects at the right moment. Use Flapen database to find decision-makers’ contact information.

Connect with decision-makers

Use Flapen’s live data to identify new prospects and build your lead generation strategy. Rapidly connect with the decision maker and stay ahead of your competition

Find The Next Category Leader

Reach out to sellers at the right moment! 

We continuously track seller performance and surface their information when they reach your acquirable zone.

Wonder how your brand stacks up?

Compare your performance to others in your categories and identify areas where you can improve.

Benchmark Your Product Metrics & Ranks

Maybe you want to know the average revenue of your competitors? Benchmark yourself against competitors and see which products similar to yours are doing

Track Your eCommerce Competitor

From the companies that are dominating the market to newcomers who may be changing the game, track your business competition with personalized alerts on companies you choose to follow

Onboarding & Training

We’ll help you master the essential features to accelerate your business

Customer Care

Our team of eCommerce specialist is always available to answer your questions

Tailored Experience

Facilitate the discovery of eCommerce opportunity with our custom filters & experiences

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