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Gain a more comprehensive understanding of the companies and contacts your organization values to create more impactful insights, optimize conversions, and boost success with our real-time data enrichment.

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Ensure the accuracy and freshness of your data. Fill in missing contact information, build trustworthy eCommerce sales lead lists, and achieve your sales goals.

Focus your sales funnel with trustworthy data

Save you time from searching for missing contact information manually by leaving it to us. Use Flapen Data Enrichment feature to keep your data sets up-to-date and avoid the hassle of dealing with old information.

Get More leads, More Opportunities

Enrich missing information to your sales list to increase conversion rates, capture more leads, and gain deeper insights into your prospects. Flapen can help you build the most reliable and comprehensive sales lists, so you can trust your success.

Enrichment Methods &
Target Prospect Alerts

Flapen offers more than 150 firmographic fields for use in various functions such as scoring, routing, research, analytics, and more, as well as alert feature developed to help you treck your potential customers. Get notifications when designated ecommerce seller reach your criteria. Stay up-to-date on target accounts and seize new business opportunities.

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eCommerce Data Enrichment FAQs

What is Data Enrichment?

B2B Data enrichment refers to a process of enhancing the existing database of contact information, such as organization names, email addresses, or phone numbers, to make this database more useful and valuable.

Businesses use B2B data enrichment of contact information to improve the accuracy and completeness of their contact lists and to make more targeted and effective marketing and sales efforts.

Data enrichment software helps to correct database errors and improve the accuracy of contact information. It can add missing details, such as phone numbers, emails, job titles, and company locations.

B2B Data Enrichment transforms your CRM and MAT tools into a reliable source of contact and business information.

Why Data Enrichment important?

If your business interacts with other companies, you need to make sure your data is up-to-date and accurate. Data enrichment can help you fill in the gaps and use your lists to find new prospects, increase sales, and maximize profits. B2B data enrichment is essential for any company selling products or services to other businesses.